photo of xuan at her favorite chinese restaurant in london

Hiya! I am Xuan, a philosopher turned software engineer based in London, UK.

A problem-solver at heart, I am passionate about using technology to identify and solve problems creatively and efficiently.

With an academic background in philosophy, logic and linguistics, I am a language nerd. Fluent in JavaScript ES5/6 and Python 3, I also enjoy exploring new human and programming languages.

I come from a community culture. In my spare time I volunteer whenever opportunities arise. Currently with the unexpected COVID-19 downtime, I am volunteering at We and AI, Bankuet, and Coronavirus Tech Handbook, using my technical and philosophical expertise.

Technical Skills:

Soft Skills:

A web app for logging daily food consumption, calculating and charting nutrition intake trends.

Tech stack: PostgresQL, React, Python, Django, HTML, CSS, Bulma, Axios, Plotly.js, JWT

screenshot of app landing page screenshot of food log entry screenshot of weekly food consumption chart screenshot of daily food intake

A fun project showing all the characters of Breaking Bad in each episode, and (sadly) how they die.

Tech stack: RESTful APIs, React, HTML, CSS, Bulma, Axios

screenshot of app landing page screenshot of season page screenshot of character death search

A website for pubs to post quiz events and for inquisitive minds to join teams to enjoy fun challenges

Tech stack: MongoDB, Express, React, Node, React-Mapbox, Mocha, HTML, CSS, Bulma, Axios

screenshot of app landing page screenshot of maps of pubs

A variation of the classic Minesweeper game with dry developer humor

Tech stack: vanilla JavaScript, HTML, CSS

screenshot of landing page screenshot of gameboard